Monday, February 2, 2009

Riitta Ikonen

riitta ikonen is a london-based artist from finland who graduated from the royal college of art. her costume pieces are breathtaking, and she has incredible photographs of the costumes at play in "real" situations as well. her garments create such dreamlike, tactile spaces.

"commuter thrival"
you should see the sweat under here, it's like a river
july 2008

"my unexpressed anger at nothing in particular. and: the feeling that there is a next level and i should be on it"
may 2008, with miranda july's book no one should be here more than you

"it is as if our feet are in the perfect, honest, loving relationship but from the ankles up, we are lost."
may 2008, with miranda july's book no one belongs here more than you

"walkthrough wardrobe"
at the kinetic tate in 2008

"My work is concerned with the performance of images, through photography and costume design. Certain items, usually small and insignificant, excite me to the point where I have to wear them and then document that process. The super- garments I make open up new experiences. In my costumes tremendous things happen - to me and to the people I work with. Today I exploded an egg in the microwave. Next, I want to make an egg costume."

i would post more but i don't want to take up too much space. so please take a look at all of her work on her page--

& all photos from the artist's website.

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